Friday, November 04, 2011

Kevin Spacey interview: Political animal | Stage |

When I meet Spacey after the day's two shows, he has been on stage for seven hours and is still fizzing with energy. He brushes off the minor annoyances of the local excitement: "I had to flip the bird – in character – at someone trying to take a photo from the stalls. I think I even added 'put it down' to one of Shakespeare's lines." Spacey works the room like a politician (Bill Clinton is an old friend), charming his local producers, backslapping his fellow actors, gamely pouring glasses of the exquisite local cider from a great height. There is something doglike about him: he lolls, prowls, wags his tail, plays around, but there is always a slight sense of danger. You get the feeling he enjoys marshalling the possibilities this shapeshifting energy gives him.