Friday, February 10, 2012

It's Just My Phone - Word Choices - AP English Literature - Blog:

I've never been completely oblivious to the idea that there were people in China responsible for the assembly of my phone, but I've also never given it too much thought. Perhaps it was an "out of sight, out of mind" sort of thing, or perhaps it was because I just wasn't aware of any of the details. I never imagined that every product might be hand tested before being shipped out. I never thought that I wasn't the first person to touch my phone. Of course I have heard of the oppression of the workers responsible for the items that I own, but never have I imagined Shenzhen as the place it is.

Our blindness could be compared to Marlow's aunt, but I also believe that even with these tightly kept secrets, we are a well-informed generation of people. The products made by the people of Shenzhen are the products that inform us of their trials. Blind or not, we are all guilty. We have all been influenced by the technology created in China. What scares me the most is that at the moment, I can look at my phone with disgust, but I know that soon, I may forget what Daisey has said and my phone will cease to be a phone handmade in China and revert back to being just my phone.