Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Has Mike Daisey Disappeared From the Internet? - Business - The Atlantic Wire:

It's odd timing for Daisey to be disappear. Whatever you think of his decisions leading up to the This American Life retraction, he deserves at least some credit for facing the storm, going on TAL, answering questions, and reworking his show accordingly. He hasn't shirked so far, so why go away now? The last thing Daisey posted on his blog, via Google's Cached version, is an excerpt from a favorable review of his show on Blurt, a blog from Vermont indie weekly Seven Days. It's almost as if a pro-Daisey backlash to the backlash has started. Seems an odd time to jump ship, which is why we're wondering if he was hacked. We've reached out to Daisey to ask what's going on, and will certainly update when and if we hear from him.