Monday, June 11, 2012

Mixing business and pleasure: Couples negotiate the festivals | The Post and Courier | Charleston SC, News, Sports, Entertainment:

Zoe Scofield and Juniper Shuey have been creating work together since 2005. Wednesday night they offered their innovative, contemporary dance piece, “A Crack in Everything,” at Spoleto.

“We met at this arts festival called Bumbershoot, in Seattle,” Scofield said. “I was there because I actually had a boyfriend at the time, who was a musician. I was sitting at this table in the front of the art show, and this force walked in the room. It was Juniper.

“He came and sat down and I said, ‘Hi, I’m Zoe Scofield’ — which I never do — and we just ended up talking all day long, and spent a whole day together. I was definitely smitten.”

Their collaboration, zoe | juniper, evolved naturally, a culmination of their shared artistic vernacular. In working together, they acknowledge that it’s not always smooth sailing.

“Sometimes, because of the relationship, there can be some curtness and impatience, because you take certain things for granted,” Scofield said. “It’s a balance between celebrating and deepening this intimate relationship and exploiting it inside of the creative process.”