Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Humiliating punishments for working too slow, bars on the windows and squalid dorms': Inside Foxconn
For Apple's American workers, today is a big day, with the release of the iPhone 5.

But behind the scenes at the Foxconn factory in China, tasked with churning out 57 million iPhones each year, there are not so many smiling faces - in fact, the production lines appear to one of gruelling shifts carried out throughout the night as supervisors exhort their workers for more.

Chinese news agency Shanghai Evening Post sent a journalist into the Tai Yuan district's Foxconn factory undercover, during which the reporter trained for seven days, before spending three days working on on the factory floor, assembling 'back-plates' for the iPhone 5.

The journalist, who is keeping his identity secret, kept a diary of his ten day and website micgadget translated it.