Thursday, May 30, 2013

A year ago I created a dustup about the All Things D conference. I pointed out that they had Tim Cook in public for questioning at the height of Apple's labor situation and instead gave him a sloppy kiss. Journalists were pissed that I, OF ALL PEOPLE (they love saying that) would DARE to say anything. They didn't mention that none of them were saying fuck all—even the ones who agreed with me were at All Things D, covering the event, making "news" out of press releases.

Despite the pissing and moaning both Poynter and the NYT agreed that I made a solid case that essential questions were softballed. Given how much journalists hate hearing from me, I thought that was quite a victory.

I felt bad, though...because I can be a softie. And I had called Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher hacks. Harsh! I really do give people a lot of rope, especially journalists, which I still believe is a calling that some of our best storytellers answer.

Anyway, it's one year later, and Kara and Walt did the same thing again. They had Tim Cook on and fellated him for an hour. Apple failed to meet its own FLA targets, and they simply buried it. This time they figure the pressure is down enough that they can just skip those actual questions and spend more time obsessing over bullshit.

So, for what it's worth, and it ain't worth much: every day I realize a lot of journalists can go fuck themselves. And should.