Monday, May 27, 2013


So, that's it. All over. A LOT of work and yes, to be honest, a LOT of heartache. But moments of pure bliss were tucked in there, more than a few. So, like childbirth, hopefully Scott & I will forget the pain and will only remember hearing and seeing our songs being brought to life by some of the greatest actors and actresses we could ever hope to work with.

Which brings up one final thing I never understood, which is...where were the prima donna costume designers, nerdy orchestrators, crazy professor set designers? Where were the things, so absent on SMASH, that are the things you most get when you walk into a rehearsal of a musical: laughter and joy? Damn, everyone on the show was so miserable!

Well, it wasn't like that on the set when we were filming a number or in the recording studio making music. We had a great time.