Monday, June 03, 2013

Going to Disney World Sure Is Expensive - Richard Lawson - The Atlantic Wire:

If you've got little ones constantly pulling on your pant legs, tearfully begging you to take them to Disney World, or if you're one of those whimsical adults who loves going to children's theme parks, I'm afraid I have some bad news for you. It will now cost any person over the age of ten $92 for a day pass to Disneyland, plus $16 in parking fees, and a whopping $95 for Disney World. So if your kid's in fourth grade, that'll be nearly a hundred bucks to take them on the Dumbo ride. Or to wait in line at Splash Mountain. To pay twenty bucks for a soda and a damn churro. It's an expensive place, is what I'm saying. That's nearly $400 for a family of four to spend a single day at Disney World, forget hotels and flights and food and whatever souvenir you're hoodwinked into buying. So, I dunno. Maybe just put on the Aladdin DVD and call it a day. They can go to Disney when they're older and can pay for themselves. Or maybe they just won't go at all. I mean by the time they grow up it'll be like $200. Who's got that kinda money to ride the Thunder Mountain Railroad?