Thursday, October 04, 2001

Following his unbelievable Taco Bell exploits, Jeff is now playing tennis with Andre Agasse in a match against Bill Gates. How Far The Mighty Have Fallen, you might say...though he certainly deserves points for enjoying the trip on the way down.

Jeff can't play tennis; laughs maniacally.

In an Amazon story from the opposite end of the map, Amazon is pissed about Chris Zyda running away from his job to go to eBay. Two points:

1) Chris probably doesn't know anything that damaging about Amazon's Auctions as that venture has been a disaster since day one...though it is nice to pretend that Amazon and eBay are on the same level, it simply has never been true.

2) Most unexplored detail in the report: why is Zyda leaving now? Is this the beginning of large-scale defections as the stock becomes moribund and outlooks worsen?

(Look! I put on my analyst hat! Wheeeee!)

MWAHAHAHA! You will never work in this town again!