Friday, July 18, 2014

Daisey Doubleheader July

A reminder that next week I'm performing two nights with two different shows at Joe's Pub.

On Wednesday, July 23rd, it's
OUR MAN IN HAVANA, my travel monologue about our fractured relationship with Cuba, drive-through mojito stands, and a very special seder in Havana.


Then the next night, July 24th, I follow with
YES THIS MAN, my controversial monologue about men, women, privilege, power, and the Yaffa Cafe's carrot dressing.


Hope you'll join us for this doubleheader,


“He’s a brilliant trickster, a close-magician with superb sleight of hand. His furies are bright and stark, incandescently theatrical. His phrasings and delivery are ensorcelling and incantatory. He’s an escape artist.”
New York Magazine

“The master storyteller—one of the finest solo performers of his generation.”
The New York Times

“He embraces the insightful hostillity of the best comedy.”
The New Yorker

Friday, July 11, 2014

NYTimes today, page one, above the fold: Child Labor in the High Tech Factories in China.