Friday, January 31, 2014

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Hello All,

It's a new year. To celebrate, we had a bacchanalian orgy in our Brooklyn home on the 31st, and burned a Christmas tree to cinders in a barely controlled, almost catastrophic incineration.


I also made a big new year's resolution: after years of performing, it is time to write.

So I'm letting the world know that I have committed to writing a new book.

Titled HERE AT THE END OF EMPIRE, it's drawn from many years of my monologues and will try to tell a story of our moment now at the sunset of America's golden age.

I'm delighted to announce that Simon and Schuster has enthusiastically bought the book, and have slated it for publication in 2015.

After the success of ALL THE FACES OF THE MOON I'm really looking forward to immersing myself in another gigantic project.

I'm also happy to announce that I will continue performing. We have shows happening over the next few months all across America, in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Richmond, Blacksburg, and beyond.

We've also decided to keep our podcast, ALL STORIES ARE FICTION, central to our work this year. We're putting up new shows all the time, recorded live around the world, including THE STORY OF THE GUN, the brand-new monologue I just created in North Carolina about guns, their history, and our charged relationship with them.

You can listen to all these stories for free by following this

I hope all your resolutions are fiery,




All Stories Are Fiction
University of Richmond
Modlin Center for the Arts
January 31st at 8pm


American Utopias
Center for the Art of Performance
February 6th


Faster Better Social
The Center for the Arts
at Virginia Tech
February 22nd at 8pm


American Utopias
Yerba Buena Arts Center
May 16th and 17th
My personal Fox News nightmare: Inside a month of self-induced torture -

Given the statistics about Fox’s conservative influence and the way it misleads its viewers, I think it is fair to classify much of what it does as propaganda. My liberal cynicism seemed to render me immune to that — their O’Reilly-style hectoring eliciting a few laughs, but doing little to change my worldview. But Fox, as I came to discover, indulges in another form of opinion creation. Let’s call this the propaganda of ignorance. By choosing which stories to cover, and, perhaps more important, which stories to ignore, Fox is able to advance its political agenda in a much more subtle and insidious way.