Thursday, February 21, 2002

From the Secret Informant Department comes this unsubstantiated gossip:

A friend told me a little second-hand tidbit that may interest you. Some guy who had worked in the DC, one of the upper levels, and had been there forever, had to interview with THREE different people in order to KEEP his job. And he didn't get it! He was given some amount of time (my friend thought it was about a month) to try to get some other job within Amazon, and meanwhile train his replacement. He didn't find any other position, so he was out the door. Eliminating positions is one thing, but making you re-interview for your own job is humiliation. But as we all know, experience, loyalty and a quarter will get you a cup of bad coffee out of the vending machine.

I would agree, except that in most cases the vending machines now charge a dollar.