Friday, March 01, 2002

This piece on the fall of Excite@Home shows exactly how the cable giant failed to provide service, and how that slopiness caught up to the company in spades, despite the best efforts of hired guns brought in to turn it around. I had Excite@Home service in 2000, and it was one of the most miserable experiences I have ever had with any company--it warms my heart to read that I wasn't crazy when I experienced one email out of every three not getting to its destination. I remember telling the CS rep that it was that bad and listening to them read from their three-ring binder of approved answers how my Macintosh must be eating the messages. If I could have those hours back now...well, it's good to know that in this postmortem they admit that for every million messages, 350,000 were failing. i only wish they were still around so I could throw a book at them, or get in on a class action suit. Bastards.