Friday, May 24, 2002

Well, I finished the audiobook today--it has been exhausting, but well worth it. I'm excited to see what the whole thing sounds like when it is pulled together, and it shocked me to learn that it is SIX HOURS long. Six hours! Concrete proof that I did indeed edit down, sharpen and clarify to make a show version that runs in 80 minutes.

I had a great encounter yesterday. I was waiting in the casting offices at NBC, and just after I sit down three people come in. Two women and a man, and collectively these people had about 3% body fat amongst them. I couldn't be bitchy though--I mean, they looked great. Windblown, sunblown, just generally colored and pixilated with health dazzling out of them. I sat in my slumped chair, scruffy, heavy and dour while I watched the two women immediately begin an incredibly intense conversation about their appearances. The two actresses would stare at one another, and one would ask, "Do I look good?" and the other would nod vigorously and then say, "You look so great, so sexy, so great!" Then they would reverse and do it again.

After five minutes of this, they then discussed lip gloss with a fervor and intensity I have rarely seen. It was at this point that each woman asked, "Is my lip gloss okay?" and the other two would nod.

Then the man asked, "Is *my* lip gloss okay?" Silly me, I thought this was a joke, and I smiled...but then I looked more closely at this young Adonis and realized that he was wearing lip gloss.

I could be wrong, but I do not believe NBC is considering us all for the same roles.