Wednesday, June 19, 2002

Another episode in the continually amusing story of Mike auditioning: I was in today at CBS casting. Due to a conflict with a callback I was not in with a group all trying to get the same role, but a different posse entirely. In my case it was a waiting room with me and six tall, sexy black men trying to get the role of "Neville Lane" on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS.

There is nothing quite like sitting, quietly waiting to audition while six super-sexy black men meditate, speak to themselves and practice their soap opera faces over and over. I can see how casting people get grumpy though--this group seemed completely interchangeable. I don't see how they're able to make a single decision--do you pick the guy whose eyes quiver the most, or whose lips have the infinitesimally greater degree of sexiness? These are problems that keep somebody up at night.

When I came out of my audition, I picked up my bag and for some reason all the black soap opera actors looked at me. I couldn't resist...very calmly I said,

"Guys, I think you can all go home, because I totally *am* Neville Lane."

For just a second some of them looked shocked and angry, like I was serious, then one started laughing, then two, and then they all laughed, with a lot of relief, which is good--those waiting rooms are murder to sit in.