Friday, June 21, 2002

Bald Faced Lie is Seattle's funniest sketch comedy troupe with the best longevity--and having produced a sketch comedy festival in that town, I should know. They've been branching out into related hilarious enterprises, including staged adaptations of movies like HEATHERS and PRETTY IN PINK, as part of their Brown Derby Series, which I was lucky enough to read in a few years ago. This article doesn't do them justice, but it gives a great overview of the work they're doing. If you're in Seattle, check them out.

A quick reminder that I am on book tour this week, touching down in Austin, Los Angelos and San Francisco. All the dates, times and locations can be found under the "Mike on Tour" tab of the website, and I hope people will make an appearence and say hello. I'll be performing pieces of 21 DOG YEARS, pieces of other new and old monologues and a healthy element of chaos. It should be worth your while.