Sunday, September 22, 2002

Fantastic. I am in LA, at my hotel, which has 802.11b wireless everywhere...which means i am ill-advisedly composing this message from a hot tub. Ahh, the joys of a life lived on the edge!

So far it has been a delightful visit to LA--we've had some Emmy excitement, had a spot of rehearsing and been attacked by a cab driver who divined that I was connected to the entertainment industry and wanted to sell me a script. Apparently it is actually true--EVERYONE in LA has a script. Everyone. It's not a joke. And they are all very insistent about being industry players, and they are all jonesing for a role somewhere.

Me? I'm here to do my show tomorrow night, have abunch of meetings with mucky-mucks and make a lot of networking happen. It's a busy week, but Jean-Michele is here, which makes it all worthwhile...she's keeping me sane, teching the show and showing me a good time around the city. It's a lot more fun then when I was here alone on book tour.

Well, hopefully I will expand on these stories soon...for now, I need to get away from the hot tub before I actually destroy this PowerBook.