Friday, November 22, 2002

You may have noticed that for the last month or so there's been less and less traffic here at postings, even more incoherent ravings and a general loss of commentary. Days pass, and there is less and less sign of the of yesteryear--the bon mots, the clever retorts, the feeling that I was firmly at the wheel driving this site onward into the next millenium.

Frankly, I've fallen down on the job. The good news is that I've been busy with other projects--I'm writing a pilot for HBO. The wrestling and wrangling to make that happen is a legendary story, which I do not have time here to relate, but the end result is a great one--I am creating a television series.

As I shift over into this new phase I'm going to try and jumpstart this blog by opening up my creative process a little more, rather than just commenting on what I've eaten and what's happening in pop culture. I am also planning to use it as a travelogue, as I leave in just four short hours for London. From there it is a madcap race across the Continent--we are hitting six cities in three weeks, with trains and planes and automobiles between.

You see, with all the hubub and hustle of the last few years I have never gone on a honeymoon--we just couldn't affod it, couldn't fit it in and generally couldn't make it work out. We forgot about it, as we had a lot of work to do, until suddenly this opportunity opened up, and impulsively we have decided to go.

I'll be looking for inspiration in the wrong places, and Jean-Michele will be helping to make certain we don't end up houseless and barefoot in Nice. As the trip progresses i will update you, both with local color AND, hopefully, with some idea of what it is I'm working on now.

Now it is 4:30AM. That means, seasoned traveller that I am, that it is time to pack.