Tuesday, January 28, 2003

Apple, apple, apple. Business Week has a fair assessment of the current Apple niche strategy, which is refreshing for a change from the relentless drumbeat of doom that some pundits have for the company...no one expects BMW to take over the market, but with computers there is definitely a "winner take all" belief system at work--this might be true when there are no differences between the computer makers (i.e. Dell, Compaq, etc.) but not so in the case of Apple.

While I'm waxing long on the topic, check out this interview with Steve Jobs from 1996. This is in his post-Apple, post-NEXT days, and while he's a little bitter his analysis of how the next ten years of computing will shape up is insightful and paints a very balanced portrait of the man.

For the tech oriented, I rather enjoyed this nuts and bolts tech analysis of the original Macintosh.

Finally, there are big price drops on Apple displays and new model PowerMacs out today...check them out at the obvious place.