Thursday, January 23, 2003

Nice NYT article on the absence of purely literary houses in publishing. Being something of a populist, I have never found this to be such a bad thing--I often feel at odds with other folks in the literary circles. I mean, it takes both V.S. Naipaul and Anne Rice to make the world go round, and frankly since I am engaged in an ongoing feud with Mr. Naipaul, as frequent readers may recall, I am actually inclined to feel more warmly about Ms. Rice's work.

I do hate it when the lit circles say smug shit like:

"For instance, Ms. Moldow publishes Don DeLillo. More need not be said about her sensibilities."

What? What does that mean? You mean if you like DeLillo you must have received the cultural imprimatur?

Does the fact that I use the word "imprimatur" correctly mean that I can get a fucking blue ribbon, too?