Wednesday, December 17, 2003

A week of silence. What happened? Updates later.

Meanwhile...from Mr. Tynes:

Online computer games often feature player-organized clans who play together on
multiple games, generally with colorful names ("The Blood Wargs"), a hierarchy,
rules, and the like. Then there's this guy on the Pirates of the Burning Sea
forums who uses the name "Ira Glass":

Some User: "Is this THE Ira Glass from TAL?"

Ira Glass: "I only wish I could be that cool. No, this is Ira Glass from the
(slightly misnamed) "NPR Clan" that was formed to play Return to Castle
Wolfenstein and has lately been capturing points in Battlefield 1942. You might
also see my friend Noah Adams, or my girlfriend Nina Totenberg.

NPR Clan : Excellence in broadcasting, asskicking."