Wednesday, January 28, 2004

We'll, I'm back. What at trip it was, chiefly notable by its incredible absence of activity. Here's a typical photo of the kind of high-energy networking I was doing with the missus:

Lots of mail to go through, and work to catch up on--the site may need to undergo another revision, though not in its graphical look, just to make it even easier to keep the news sections updated--I'm aiming for it to be mollusk-levelled, in terms of the effort I need to put in. There are some new gigs brewing, most of which I'll be posting about in the next few days. Stay tuned!

My good friends at Intiman premiered The Light In The Piazza a year ago, and now the New Yorker has written a love-fest of a piece on it. Good for Bart and the gang--they deserve it, though it is telling that the production only gets this kind of kudos once it leaves Seattle and gets to the Goodman in Chicago.

This is an excellent opinion piece on the misplaced rage folks have at both IKEA and Starbucks, as well as the excessive praise dumped on Fight Club. I agree with all these sentiments, though I do understand where rage against the monoculture comes from and applaud it...but the hyperbole does get hard to take some days.

I love manual typewriters, and here's a piece on someone who loves them more than I do.

I read an article over my vacation on grief counseling, which features interviews with a bunch of folks who work for the Veterans Administration, a group for which my father works. It's all about PTSD and "debriefing", a counseling method that has fallen into some degree of disfavor with many which is being practiced more than ever by companies looking to dodge liability. Very interesting stuff.

More to do, so I must run.