Saturday, May 07, 2005

An email received by Jean-Michele this afternoon from an email list she signed up for, ostensibly to stay informed of what's going on with other dog owners in the city. Unbeknownst to her, it is actually an activist group!



Your Organizer, Roberta Bayley, sent the following message to
the members of The New York City Pug Meetup Group:

Pugs will march to support Animal Rescue and Pug Rescue.

Pugs will march to protest the proposed closing of famed pug
rock club CBGBs on the Bowery!

Pugs support our troops but want to bring them home! Pugs say:
bring home the troops!

Pugs will gather at the Washington Square arch at the north
side of the park at NOON. Pugs will march around the fountain
until they are bored.

Pugs stand for CHOICE!

All dogs are welcome to join our march!

Pugs do not discrimate! (Cats are another story.)

PUGS are power!

Pug power rules!

Gabba gabba hey!


Sidney & Roberta