Monday, May 09, 2005

Lovely essay by Annie over at Maud Newton's blog about what all the kids are writing today:

If I have to read another story of the slow, quiet dissolution of a dysfunctional relationship of two live-in lovers in their late-twenties -- punctuated by seemingly-banal-but-metaphorically-laden conversations with shopclerks -- as manifested by how they use too much conditioner in the shower or walk hesitantly through a wintry landscape in uncomfortable sweaters, or find themselves suddenly screaming about the asparagus, I'll commit an act of truly heinous violence. It's like Polanski's "Revulsion", without the beautiful women, murder, psychosis, plot or depth.

Also, wonderful words from Todd Levin on Revenge of the Sith:

Does the American movie-going public have the same memory dysfunction as a housecat? Because Lucas has already been applying the full press, and staying on point with carefully released statements like, "this is a much darker, moodier film" and "this is the one we've all been waiting for" and "there is convincing evidence that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction-based programs." George Lucas would have us believe Episode III: Baby, I'm Sorry is better than Episodes I and II. OK. Cool. That's a convincing argument, I suppose, but here are a few other things that are better than Episodes I and II:

* stepping in cat vomit while wearing dress socks
* finding a toe in your cobb salad
* getting punched in the heart by skinheads