Monday, May 29, 2006

Phonecam Photoessay #2

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A sign in one of my favorite local supermarkets—I admire the typography. I have no idea where they get these made, but they always look like a million bucks.

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My dog destroying an empty dog food bag, showing his contempt for the natural order between Man and Beast.

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Sam and Dave, a mated human couple.

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Lawrence Lessig giving a brilliant talk before and after an insipid documentary.

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A massive IKEA advertisement threatens a lowly human worker, who has been paid in Swedish meatballs and is beginning to regret that salary negotiation.

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An improbable IKEA device, probably called a STARKOMEMKA, that absolutely no real human would buy and mount in their home. Nevertheless, it is attractive.

155352367 793C9A6474

When I am performing MONOPOLY! and talking about corporate rule, this is sometimes what I think of.

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An attractive groomsmen at the most lavish wedding I have ever attended.