Friday, October 09, 2009

Fringe Festival « Arts and the City:

Knowing that a ONE HUNDRED DOLLAR BILL was a big bill not to return, and knowing that others knew I had that ONE HUNDRED DOLLAR BILL, and knowing what a great party that ONE HUNDRED DOLLAR BILL could have sponsored, and knowing how long that ONE HUNDRED DOLLAR BILL could last me at the farmer’s market, and knowing that some of the rich patrons of the arts in the audience that received a one dollar bill would put in more in the end, and knowing I could pocket that ONE HUNDRED DOLLAR BILL, I returned all one hundred dollars to the bowl. I wonder how the show and the stories would have effected me had I stayed with my one dollar bill—but I’m quite glad I got to experience the stories in an ultra-sensitive and focused frame of mind. It was worth all hundred and twelve dollars and fifty cents that I did not leave the theater with in the end.