Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Talking up workers’ plight - A Mac fan, monologist Mike Daisey also advocates for tech employees in China:

On the tech-geek continuum, monologist Mike Daisey knows precisely where he resides. It’s a respectably savvy spot, especially for a theater guy.

“I can field-strip my MacBook Pro into all of its component pieces and reassemble it in about 40 minutes,’’ he was saying the other day, sitting beneath the pressed-tin ceiling of an Italian restaurant in his neighborhood, eating a late lunch of meatballs and beet-and-avocado salad. “I do that sometimes and then clean all the parts with compressed air because I find it soothing, and then I put it back together.’’ A pause in his rapid-fire speech, followed by a clarification: “But there are people who are much geekier than me.’’