Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Foxconn study shows 50% of workers have faced abuse | Electronista:

A study leaked today by the Chinese government through the state-backed Global Times suggests a large amount of violence and other rough treatment at Foxconn plants. About 50 percent of the 1,736 workers secretly studied allegedly said they had faced some kind of abuse at factories. About 16.4 percent of that was directly from supervisors or other managers.

The same study also claimed that the initial 30 percent raise for workers wasn't directly translating to workers. Some claimed to have only been getting 9.1 percent increases, the report said. Many also said that bonuses were few.

Interns were supposedly exploited as well, working twice as much overtime as is legal and being exempted from medical coverage due to the lack of a contract. Full-time staff have also said health checks aren't as frequent.