Friday, February 11, 2011

Intiman is in crisis. They blame the managing director who was there for 18 months for absolutely all of this debacle. I seriously question that, and I hope they work hard to earn back the trust they've squandered...and I hope that wiser and more locally-sourced practices have a chance to take hold. It's a lovely space, and its loss would be a grievous one.

Bad News from Intiman: The Theater Needs $1 Million in the Next Few Months or It Will Close | Slog:

"We're just laying all our cards on the table," Intiman's communications director Becky Lathrop said just before sending me a state-of-the-theater email.

Given the long tradition of regional theaters trying to hide their troubles until the last possible minute—and how that practice usually leaves theaters to bleed until it's too late, or almost too late, to save them—Intiman's approach seems wise. If it isn't too late already.

So. The troubles: Unless Intiman raises $1 million by September, it will shut down. That figure is above and beyond the theatre’s 2011 annual fundraising goal.