Monday, February 20, 2012


Gruber has seen fit to respond to a couple of different pieces—
tearing Henry Blodgett a new one for getting his facts wrong, and today does a similar job with ZDNet UK.

He hasn't responded to
my piece, despite being tagged on Twitter, perhaps because he doesn't have as easy a bone to pick.

But I am hoping that he'll actually talk about what he thinks of Apple's relationship with the press corps, and whether he thinks these kind of private briefings pose potential problems. If Apple is going to be making announcements this way, it could be argued they are getting more closed rather than more open—I'd be interested in his response.

Similarly, I am still awaiting word from Mr. Pogue to
my response to his post a week ago. His only response so far has been this:


I refuted this in my post, strongly, and I've since emailed David twice, but he's choosing not to respond. He did have time to post this:

I'm hoping that when Mr. Pogue's investigation of candy packaging pauses, even for a moment, perhaps he will address me.