Thursday, February 23, 2012


Frequent readers will know that I have been trying to get Mr. David Pogue to contact me, in any form, since he commented on my work. You can read the details of the original post

Since that time I have pinged Mr. Pogue on Twitter, emailed him three times, and spoken with his colleagues to seek their advice. Nothing but silence.

In the time since he posted a
rather weakly constructed piece on labor, he has found time to post about candy packaging:


And today, the miracle of apps that let you deposit your checks by taking a picture of them, AKA "2010 is calling with breaking news":



If anyone sees Mr. Pogue, recently spotted investigating breaking stories on Snickers bite sizes (ARE THEY...REALLY?) and felt they could direct him to a response from someone whom he found the time to talk shit about, it would be appreciated.


Let's recall that this is an ardent Mac fan and Apple journalist who lives near NYC, where this show has been playing nightly since October. The invitation stands to the show, and I'd still welcome that drink.

You can tweet him at the above handle—@pogue.

He likes Skittles, and depositing checks. Dialogue? Not so much.

I would be happy to finally be proven wrong.