Friday, February 10, 2012

Protestors Descend on Grand Central Apple Store; Reporters Attack Them - New York News - Runnin' Scared:

Today, we caught up with Daisey at Grand Central who was there in support of the effort.

He started off discussing the challenges -- and sometimes failures -- of technology journalists to address these labor issues.

"Technology journalism is really challenged because you're subordinate to the corporations. You rely on those products being released and you getting early access to them and that actually informs your news cycle and that's going to make you very vulnerable to not telling stories that need to be told," Daisey told Runnin' Scared. "A lot of technology journalists, especially online ones, they sort of self-identify as lovers of technology, more than they do journalists."

He added, "There's nothing that's anti-technology about actually telling the labor conditions under which things are made."

The larger challenge, he said, is that it can be tough to raise awareness and make a difference when we are so removed from the problem: "We're very carved off from our manufacturing. It's happening half-way across the world, so the challenge is making our voice heard to corporations."