Tuesday, March 06, 2012

The Fall of Steve Jobs (Again):

Oh there are a few heroes, Patagonia for one, but most corporations leave a lot to be desired when it comes to corporate responsibility and human rights. But Apple, well, they were supposed to be different. They were creating technology that would change the world – for the better right? Now I find Apple, the self-styled manufacturer of the elite, the future, built by the most famous humanist, well, they aren’t practicing what they polluted into our minds.It’s a shock we may never recover from.

I was in Haiti recently and was sitting around a table with a group of people who supported the same organization I did. As we were talking about the recession its causes, one person in particular interrupted me as I began to talk with “Well, what’s the most profitable company in America?”

And I looked at her and said, “Apple.”

And she looked aghast. “No it’s Exxon.”

I shook my head. “Apple surpassed it this quarter.”

The table got quiet. The only thing you heard were the dogs barking outside. And then incredibly people went back to bashing oil companies.