Friday, June 15, 2012

A One-Night Performance of a New Monologue:

(Or, the Value of Failure)

Created and Performed by Mike Daisey
Directed by Jean-Michele Gregory

To escape scandal, Mike Daisey impulsively decides to recreate the infamous Orient Express by traveling from London to Istanbul by rail. From an English village out of time to the glorious minarets of Istanbul, from the ghosts of the Berlin Wall to the broken statues and secret police of Budapest's recent past, Daisey draws out the hidden heart of failure, and how stories, myths, lies, and legends are the way we tell ourselves who we are. From the end of communism to the triumph of corporatism, Daisey walks the borderlands of fact and fiction, wrestling with what failure can teach him, and us, on the long, strange road East.

"The master storyteller."
The New York Times

"Mike Daisey isn't perfect, but he is brave."
The Times of London

"The only showman in America who matters."

This special showing of Mike Daisey's new work-in-progress, presented courtesy of ArtsEmerson: The World on Stage, is for Conference attendees only. Present your Conference badge at the door for admission.