Saturday, September 08, 2012

The Vanishing - Parabasis:

But beyond that, don't we also want Bush to disappear? Don't we all need, psychologically, to blame it all on him and having him vanish? After all, Democrats voted to approve much of his agenda. Tom Daschle okayed the War in Iraq and then snapped to the reporters that "we would like to move on," as if the decision about going to war was a simple annoyance to him. Virtually no one voted against the PATRIOT Act. Obama continues many of Bush's most troubling policies where it comes to civil liberties and habeus issues. We still extrajudicially murder people. Killing Bin Laden hasn't ended the failing war in Afghanistan. Bush has disappeared in the same way our own reckoning with what we did during his eight years disappeared. Were he to come back, we'd have to confront those secret shameful parts of ourselves.