Friday, October 05, 2012

The ghost of Jobs: Apple’s challenge to decide “what would Steve do?” | Ars Technica:

One person familiar with Apple's overall retail operations had a dark view of the future. "I really am worried as to what Apple will be like in three years. I'm sure that corporate will be fine, pushing out the iPhone Classic or whatever, and that retail will be awash with idiots," he said. "It feels like the mid-'90s all over again. We can still remember how awesome we were, and so we can't see the storm rolling on in."

But, just as that source predicted, those we spoke to from Apple corporate had a much more positive view of what's ahead.

"I don't know what our next big thing is going to be, beyond what I'm currently working on," said one source. "And I don't know if Steve was the one who had all the ideas, or if he and Jony Ive came up with them together, or what. But Apple is kind of on a track right now where we can print our own money for a while."