Friday, November 16, 2012

Hello All,

This Monday's show,
MY BIG BREAK, is completely sold out. I'm writing today to announce our next monologue:



This December 10th we explore the power of storms on every level—from the hurricane that tore through our city and the work of thousands making recovery possible, to what it meant to live in a city divided by darkness, and how for many the struggle hasn't ended. More than a news story, we'll endeavor to wrestle with what storms mean—as a harbinger of the future, as a dramatic illustration of our blindness to class, and even as a moment when it can feel like our direction is changing. Expect both the ridiculous and the heroic in equal measure, a survey of our waterfronts large and small, an accounting of the power of tides, and a night of shared stories. Fill your bathtub. Check your batteries. Sit tight.

Everything we make for this performance will be donated to Sandy relief with Occupy Sandy.

Tickets for this one-night show go on sale this
WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 21st at 1 PM. You can purchase them then at

I hope you can join us.

Finally, I'm performing tomorrow, Saturday, as part of a fantastic all-day event called
If You Should Ever Happen To Find Yourself In SOLITARY.

Solitary Web

I'll be speaking alongside Tony Kushner, the Yes Men, and a remarkable convocation of artists and thinkers about how we imagine we would cope with solitary confinement...

...and then actual survivors of years of solitary confinement will speak, and we'll get a glimpse of how little our imaginings can contain the truth. We'll also hear from experts about the philosophical, legal, and human rights implications of our current addiction to solitary confinement.

It's free and open to the public--I can't imagine a more interesting, compelling, public event for a Saturday in New York. You can find all the details

Be seeing you,