Thursday, February 14, 2013

Die Hard's Latest Breaks New Ground in Incoherence and Stupidity - Page 1 - Movies - New York - Village Voice:

One thing that is clear is that one of those heroes is purportedly "John McClane," a human male we've seen before. But time and indifferent scripting have streamlined him for nothing but brute, relentless motion, leaving us with an engine part we may as well just call Die Hard. He's embodied, again, by Bruce Willis. The other hero is Die Hard Jr. (Jai Courtney). Junior is a CIA agent who—if I have this straight—is sent undercover to Moscow to pretend to attempt to murder an oligarch in a nightclub so that he—Die Hard Jr.—can wind up testifying in the trial of a Russian political prisoner whom the CIA will bust out of a Moscow courtroom so that he—the political prisoner—can lead Die Hard Jr. to a very important file. Your interpretation of all this might vary from mine, as no two viewers will assemble the same narrative from this Rorschach of running men, crashing glass, and hollered exposition.