Wednesday, July 10, 2013

BOMBLOG: Erin Markey by Katherine Cooper:

Katherine Cooper I feel like misquoting people is really yucky.

Erin Markey It is. Having been misquoted many times.

KC Really?

EM Some dude in Philadelphia from their gay paper just interviewed me and Dan Fishback and Max Steele for a reading we were doing and misquoted me like three times—about comedy actually.

KC Really?

EM He asked me to describe my work and you know it’s always a hard time for anyone—

KC Yeah.

EM I said that my comedy was absurdist and sometimes dark and he wrote that it was “obscure and sometimes dark,” as if I had said that—

KC —Right.

EM It was really not doing me any favors but luckily it was just a small paper. And then he misspelled my name like four different ways, four different times.

KC Oh no.

EM It’s like he started to write my last name and then sat on the key board and then finished my last name.