Monday, September 09, 2013

We’re launching our ALL THE FACES OF THE MOON criticism program today. Because the show exists as a podcast, we’re opening it up to everyone, everywhere. If you’re a theater critic in another city, a writer who’s always wanted to try their hand at reviewing and responding, or a new listener who has a voice—we want you to respond about ALL THE FACES OF THE MOON.

Rules are simple: Post a review online in any of the places you like, like Facebook, tumblr, blogger, iTunes, etc.

Then tag it, by posting to facebook or twitter or both using the hashtag #moonshow.

Every reviewer is eligible for a tarot card from the production, featuring art from Larissa Tokmakova. This is the only way to get them that isn’t coming to the theater each night—they aren’t for sale. You’ll be contacted for mailing information.

Fine Print: There is no editorial oversight express or implied in this process—your reviews are your own. Reviews may be disqualified if they are totally bizarre, have 3 words or are obvious attempts to game the system, but any legitimate review, whether it is positive or negative, is eligible. If you are not comfortable receiving a tarot card, we totally respect that choice as well, and you can simply decline: we hope you will still participate in this project.

We’re looking forward to your responses!