Thursday, October 17, 2013

Hello All,

ALL THE FACES OF THE MOON was a huge success—as of today we’ve had more than 100,000 downloads. If you want to listen to the full theatrical novel, you can subscribe via iTunes here, completely free:


I’m writing today to let you know about our next project:

These are three monologues being launched over the next eighteen months about what war means to us today in America.

The second monologue,
LIFE DURING WARTIME, will focus on the lives of war veterans after they come home and my father’s work as a veteran’s counselor. The final monologue, NO MAN’S WAR, will be about the corporatization of war as our nation’s biggest business, how drone warfare is the growing heart of that empire, and the lives of drone operators.

But the first monologue starts now, it’s timely, and I can’t wait.

It’s called
THE SECRET WAR, and is about our three most famous whistleblowers: Daniel Ellsberg, Private Manning, and Edward Snowden. These three are polarizing figures—all have been called traitors and heroes. By talking about them in a human way, I’m hoping to tell the most important story we’re not allowed to talk about: the story of secrets. Why we make things secret, how we keep secrets, and the power that secrecy has over our world.

I’ll be performing the first performance of
THE SECRET WAR this Monday, October 21st at 8pm at the IRT Theatre in NYC. Seating is limited—you can RSVP for the free show by emailing Make sure to say whether you’d like 1 or 2 seats, and the theater will email you back to confirm that you are in.


Over the next month
THE SECRET WAR tours across the country:

On Friday, October 25th I’ll be performing
THE SECRET WAR in Maine at the Collins Center for the Arts.


On November 8th and 9th I’ll be bringing
THE SECRET WAR to Philadelphia, headlining the First Person Arts Festival.


And on November 20th and 23rd I’ll be performing
THE SECRET WAR in Santa Fe, at the beautiful Lensic Performing Arts Center.


People kept asking me what kind of break I was going to take after finishing
ALL THE FACES OF THE MOON. I guess starting the war trilogy is my answer to that: life is short, the hour is late, and there’s so much that hasn’t been done. A song said it first, but it's true—I’ll sleep when I’m dead.

Be seeing you,