Tuesday, December 04, 2001

All I can think about today is how it must be for the ONE U.S. soldier who has been shot in Afghanistan. That's a lot of pressure. Whole divisions of medics are beating each other to get to his shoulder. If he's the only injury he'll have to be on Oprah, relive his combat experience with psychic regression on that terrible Crossing Over show. Maybe injured soldiers could become the new Survivor alumni, a kind of Charles Nelson Reilly for the 21st century, floating through the culture from TV channel to web chats and more. I hear there is going to be a talk show offer for Mike Moran, whose verbal taunts at bin Laden have resulted in the song of his royal Irish ass.

Remember when "they" said irony would die after 9/11, and that all the news would be content-filled? Man, I love "they". I also love gossip, cheese and pop culture--I'm really glad that "they" were wrong again, just like "they" were about traveller's checks, the gold standard and that haircut.