Wednesday, December 05, 2001


While perhaps not as filled with classy hetero-girl tricks as the Cosmo Sex University, nor as spiritually enlightened as the pay-as-you-predict Astrocollege, my favorite new educational site is the extremely specific PumpkinBelly's Patch, a site devoted to the adoration of plump inflated bellies.

Just yesterday I was looking down at my own belly, plump and delightful like a downy egg, and thought, "Someone needs to compose a site filled with images of models with big bellies, featuring stories of bellies being inflated and awash in belly porn. That would rock." Thanks to the power of the Internet there's now a forum for discussions (sparsely attended) as well as iconic images and links to stories so disturbing that they defy you to read them.

Oh, belly! Other than the calf, could there be no sweeter curved body part?