Sunday, July 29, 2012

Is "Highway to the Danger Zone" a Serious Song? | Line Out:

Jen Graves remembers a time when "Highway to the Danger Zone" was a serious song*. I do not remember this time, but I do remember back when Tom Cruise was a person, so it sounds like I just missed it. I took a re-listen and WHOA is this one seriously pumped-up Kenny Loggins testosteroney n' cheese fest! I didn't realize that: a) the airplane is a female who is "spreadin' out her wings tonight"; b) Kenny has affected a special accent just for this song; or that c) Kenny Loggins was born in Everett, WA??

The last one-and-a-half minutes of this three-and-a-half minute long song are just Kenny howling (in his special 80's Danger Zone accent) "hiiiiighwaaay to the daaaaangah zoooooooooooaaane." That is such a long time to repeat a chorus! Does this song pump you up? Are you serious about this song? Because let me tell you, "you'll never say hello to you until you get it on the red line overload."