Sunday, July 29, 2012

‘The Agony and The Ecstasy Of Steve Jobs’ by Erica Laxson | DC Metro Theater Arts:

Not only do we completely buy into Daisey’s narrative, we don’t even question the honesty of the entire evening until Daisey himself points out the possibility of his own potential unfaithfulness to us. At the very least, Daisey’s goal to educate and enlighten can only be helped by the day’s instant access to information. You can be sure you’ll spend the rest of your evening corroborating his anecdotes with New York Times articles and dozens of Google searches.

Director Jean-Michelle Gregory has worked with Daisey to temper his fiery passion into an audience pleasing engagement that clocks in at just under two hours. This is not just a one-man show; this is an in depth look at the type of social activism the average techie can only aspire to wrapped in pithy nerd jokes and several side splitting impersonations of hilarious stereotypes. Daisey is brutal and honest, not always at the same time.